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Text alchemy:

transforming text from mundane to memorable 


I make words work for your business. My lifelong love of language has led me to make some interesting career choices in the past (ask me about my PhD!) and finally to my dream job copywriting for businesses. I get a buzz from using text to capture your brand’s personality.  I chose Copywriting by Hand as my business name to reflect the attention to detail I bring to everything I do. 

And also because have you seen the way I spell my first name, M-e-a-d-h-b-h? Thank you Mum and Dad. Having put up with a lifetime of puns based on my surname, Hand, I thought I should get in on the act.  If you’d like to have a chat about how my love of words can help your business or if you want to hear all about my PhD on Asian American Poetry (yes, really) contact me today.

Helping you to communicate better to do more business.